English Lectures(12 hours) on Korean Labor Cases (5th Term)
6-week course (every Thursday evening at 7 - ..
This is labor case study on many labor issues. This lecture will be given 6 times every Thursday evening from 7 pm to 9pm. Please register the lecture on this website. The first class will start on September 9.
Revisions of the Labor Laws at the Second Half of ..
Korean labor law lectures in English - 12 hours (e..
Minimum Hourly Wage decided for 2022, which is 9,1..
English lectures on Korean labor cases (every Thur..
September 2021 - Criteria for Judging Unfair Labor Prac..
August 2021 - Multiple Labor Unions and the Duty of Fai..
July 2021 - Current Conditions, Problems and Solutions ..
June 2021 - Overwork Recognized as Cause of Occupationa..
A Bilingual Code of Korean Labor Law
[Autumn,2021] Labor Cases Volume 55 – Revisions of the Labor Laws in..
[Summer,2021] Labor Cases Volume 54 - Overwork recognized as Cause of Occu..
[Spring,2021] Labor Cases Volume 53 - The Relationship between the Fatal A..
[Winter,2020] Labor Cases Volume 52 - Items to be Considered When Writing ..
[Autumn,2020] Labor Cases Volumn 51 - Working Conditions for Minors
[Summer,2020] Labor Cases Volumn 50-Work-from-Home Systems

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