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The main business
  Education and Training
01   English lectures on labor laws (Wednesday evenings)  

02   Lectures on sexual harassment prevention  

03   Lectures on labor law revisions (5-day workweek)  

04   Instructing/Consulting on adjusting rules after labor law revisions  

05   Educating managers and employees about Labor Law  

  Current & Former Clients  
  Roles & position of Labor Relations manager
  (for labor relations manager  and administrators)
  HYUNDAI Heavy Idustries Co. Ltd.
  LG Electronics
  LG Innotek
  Successful organizational and risk  management
  (for a CEOs and executives)
  KWANG DONG Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
  SKC Solmics
  Successful organizational and risk  management
  (for general managers & managers)
  GS Caltex    SAMSUNG Thales    Semes
  Creating a labor-management culture of trust
   & cooperation (for assistant managers & staff)
  SAMSUNG Thales
  SAMSUNG Logitech.
  Creating a cooperative labor-management
  culutre (for members of a joint labor-management
  SAMSUNG Thales


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